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World Most Powerful Passports - 199 Countries Compared

Afghanistan comes in as the weakest global passport, enabling visa-free travel to only 26 destinations, with Yemen and Pakistan following with 33. On the other hand, Singapore and Japan both top the Henley Global ranking, offering access to 193 visa-free destinations. The video also ranks Serbia 36th, while Ukraine is at 29th place, and Palau and Georgia both provide access to 120 visa-free destinations.

  • 00:00:00  In this section, the video ranks the world's weakest passports based on the number of visa-free destinations available to their holders. Afghanistan is ranked as the weakest passport globally, offering visa-free travel to only 26 destinations, while Yemen and Pakistan both offer 33. North Korea, Bangladesh, and Libya rank 100th and offer access to 39 visa-free destinations. The rankings gradually increase with countries like Tajikistan, Madagascar, and Uzbekistan offering access to 58 destinations, while China is ranked 72nd and offers access to 71 visa-free destinations. Qatar is ranked 55th and offers access to 99 visa-free destinations, while Palau and Georgia both offer 120 visa-free destinations.

  • 00:05:00  In this section, the rankings for various countries in terms of the number of visa-free destinations their passport can access are listed. Serbia is ranked 36, while Colombia and Honduras offer access to 135 visa-free destinations, and Ukraine is ranked 29th and offers access to 148 visa-free destinations. Singapore has taken the top position from Japan in the Henley Global ranking, with Japan and Singapore both ranked first, offering access to 193 visa-free destinations.


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