Saif Ali Khan Give Tour Of His Rs. 800 Crore Cost Pataudi Palace With Beauty In Every Corner

Saif Ali Khan, the famous Bollywood actor, has given an exclusive tour of his Rs. 800 crore Pataudi Palace in a YouTube video. Fans were left in awe as he opened the doors to each corner of his grand mansion, showcasing its opulence and rich history.

Bridal makeup tone by Dola makeup

In the "Bridal Makeup Tone" video by Dola Makeup, the makeup artist demonstrates the application of a warm-toned foundation and concealer on a bride-to-be. She begins by cleansing, moisturizing, and priming the model's face.

How Lipstick Is Made | Amazing lipstick Making Factory

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Food expiration dates don’t mean what you think - Carolyn Beans

Food expiration dates are often misunderstood, leading to a massive amount of food waste.

HOW TO TRAVEL BALI - 14 Days in Paradise

This YouTube video titled "HOW TO TRAVEL BALI - 14 Days in Paradise" provides a comprehensive guide on how to travel in Bali for 14 days.

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Preity Zinta at the University of East London receiving an Honorary Doctorate

Amidst applause and admiration, Bollywood luminary Preity Zinta was bestowed with an honorary doctorate from the prestigious University of East London.

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