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5 Best new professional Personal AI Robot You Can Buy In 2023

  • The YouTube video introduces four new professional personal AI robots that can be purchased in 2023. The first robot is Clickbot, a lovable and modular robot designed by Carlos Bina, with over 200 interactions and the ability to create more than 10,000 other robots using smart modular building blocks. Clickbot is a versatile robot that plays games, dances, and even climbs, and it comes with pre-defined robots but allows for endless possibilities. Next up is Conga, an eye-powered autonomous robotic lawnmower that detects and maps lawn areas, ensuring every inch is cut efficiently and accurately. Conga’s Vision Fusion localization technology and adjustable cutting height make it an intelligent and effective lawnmower, while safety features protect against children, pets, and foreign objects. The third robot is Kiki, a robot sidekick that learns and evolves based on user interactions. While shy at first, Kiki can become protective andx warm up to strangers over time. She gets smarter every day, learns new tricks, and understands her owner’s feelings, making her a loyal and caring companion. Lastly, is Pito Bot, an open-source robot dog that helps teach coding through programming. Its compact design and spring-loaded legs offer an agile and soft-to-the-touch sensation. Seamlessly integrated with Raspberry Pi and Arduino ecosystems, Pito Bot provides endless opportunities for learning, teaching, and research
  • “5 Best new professional Personal AI Robots You Can Buy In 2023”, the presenter introduces Luna, a robot designed as a friendly and interactive pet. Luna greets her owner upon their arrival, responds to vocal and gesture commands, and comes running to her owner when summoned. She is also skilled in playing games such as fetch and trivia, and can be programmed using Google Blocky to perform various tasks. Luna is a helpful companion when the owner is away from home, and can provide communication and security. The presenter invites viewers to share which robot they liked most in the comment section, and reminds them to subscribe to the channel for updates. Luna is depicted as a super cute and interactive new family member who is always ready to learn and play
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